CLT & Glulam Construction

The construction industry is responsible for a large portion of carbon emissions in Australia and CLT & Glulam’s sustainable credentials are superior to traditional building materials like steel and concrete.

As builders become increasingly conscious of climate change and their environmental footprint, engineered timber provides a natural, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative.

Our business strategy is to work with the best and develop effective relationships with our clients based on quality, consistent reliable delivery and intelligent solutions.

From environmental sustainability to cost savings, CLT & Glulam are more efficient, cheaper, cleaner, and quieter structural building component
Quieter Building Process

Quieter building process which is an advantage urban or residential work sites

Cost & Time Efficiency

Efficiency with rapid
assembly and installation

Reduced CO2 Emissions

Cleaner and greener with a reduction in levels of dust and CO2 emissions

Insulation Benefits

Insulation benefits as timber buildings require less energy to heat and cool

Design Freedom

Design freedom in appearance and performance standards

Safety Resilience

Fire and earthquake resilience due to structural stability and safety performance


Our team offer a complete CLT and Glulam service Australia wide:

  • Design support enabling flexibility in design, style and finish
  • Develop structural sequence to maximise performance
  • Supply of all CLT & Glulam components and materials
  • Logistics and storage management
  • Expert installation of CLT & Glulam structures
  • Follow up to ensure optimal outcome and highest standards