Cladding/Re-Cladding Specialists

Our mission is to provide cladding solutions that are low maintenance but have proven durability to withstand the test of time and climate conditions. Choosing the right type of cladding is important and our team of specialists provide a tailored approach to deliver results that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our business strategy is to work with the best and develop effective relationships with our clients based on quality, consistent reliable delivery and intelligent solutions.

Cladding supply & installation services across
commercial, residential & industrial projects
Skilled Team

We have a highly skilled team with experience in both commercial & residential projects

Tailored Approach

We collaborate closely with our clients to deliver the best results to suit their needs

Fire Safety Standards

We specialise in safe cladding solutions which meet all industry fire safety standards


We offer a range of External, Internal & Re-Cladding services Australia wide:

External Cladding

  • Architectural Timber Cladding
  • Vinyl Cladding
  • Composite Aluminium Cladding
  • CFC Cladding
  • Scyon Cladding


  • Façade Inspection and Repair
  • Combustible cladding removal
  • Façade Renewals

Internal Cladding

  • Timber Wall Cladding
  • PVC Wall Cladding
  • Plywood Wall Cladding
  • Stone Wall Cladding